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Biohazard Waste Management

Biohazard Waste Management Services

Are you a medical facility, dentist office or other healthcare provider? What is your office doing to ensure that all biohazard waste is being properly stored and discarded? With WasteX, your team can partner with the strongest national name in biohazard waste management. For over twenty years, our team of biohazard waste disposal experts has helped thousands of clinics, hospitals, and medical centers stay in compliance with national health standards. Our biohazard disposal services are designed to save you money and improve the efficiency of your office, so you can get back to what really matters: your patients. Contact WasteX today to see how you can save up to $7,550 on biohazard disposal services.

How It Works

When you choose WasteX, you can instantly choose from an entire suite of biohazard disposal services. Depending on the size of your facility, location, and practice area, our team will help you craft a customized biohazard disposal program that minimizes risk and maximizes savings. Here are our most popular waste disposal services:

  • Schedule Biohazard Waste Pickup: How often does your clinic or medical office need biohazard disposal services? Your facility can process hundreds of pounds of contaminated materials on a regular basis, so you need a team that can respond quickly. Whether you need daily or weekly pickups, our team can schedule a program that matches your business needs. Simply arrange a pickup time, then our licensed biohazard professionals will arrive on-site and on time to transport the materials to an approved disposal center. Call WasteX today to set up your custom disposal calendar.
  • Mailback Waste Program: Do you discard relatively small amounts of biohazard waste? It is often more cost-effective to use our waste mailback program. This easy-to-use system is designed to offer the same level of compliance at just a fraction of the cost. Simply order one of our biohazard mailback containers and follow the packaging instructions. When you ship the contents back to our return address, we will make sure the materials are processed in accordance with federal and state disposal regulations.

WasteX offers the same great services nationwide. No matter your location, you can request on-site pickup service or use our convenient mailback system. Simply contact us today to learn more about how you can get started.

Staying in Compliance

Because medical products that come in contact with bodily fluids can pose a major public health risk, there are a variety of regulations that are designed to promote workplace compliance. From OSHA guidelines to EPA standards, there are dozens of highly specific rules related to biohazard waste treatment. Failing to process medical waste accordingly can result in enormous fines. The best way to keep your medical facility in compliance is to ensure that your entire staff is well-trained in biohazard waste disposal.

WasteX is more than just a service team. We are a full-time compliance partner. Our job is to offer comprehensive waste solutions while helping your clinic adapt to the changing healthcare landscape at the same time. We provide consultative support for any questions you might have about biohazard storage and disposal. What constitutes biohazard materials? Does my state have minimum requirements for biohazard waste management? Call us today to learn more or sign up for the online bloodborne pathogen training course.

Who We Serve

WasteX proudly serves thousands of healthcare professionals across the United States. With our wide range of residential and commercial services, we can partner with anyone in the medical industry, no matter their location or size. Our biggest commercial clients are often hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical laboratories, and veterinarians. For our convenient mailback shipping program, our most common customers are often school clinics, residential sharps users, or other small-scale medical offices.

Make the Switch

There’s a reason that WasteX is one of the fastest-growing companies in biohazard disposal solutions. We have a track record of high-quality service at an unbeatable price. Other big name waste management companies charge hundreds of dollars in hidden fees while still offering the same level of compliance. Because our team use only high-efficiency technology and industry-best practices, WasteX can cut your bill by hundreds of dollars, while still offering the same great service. Here’s why our biohazard disposal services are the perfect fit for your office:

Prompt Service. Have a biohazard waste disposal emergency? Do you need rapid response or pickup? Call us for no-hassling scheduling. Our team can help you design a customized pickup response for whatever you encounter.

Big Annual Savings: We can cut your biohazard disposal bill by up to 30% per year. Last year, the average customer saved $7,550 per year by switching to WasteX. These savings can be used to improve the patient services that matter most.

Licensed & Professional. All of our team members are highly trained in biohazard waste handling and disposal. Every time you call WasteX, you are speaking with an expert in the industry.

Want to learn more? Call WasteX today to at 1-877-543-2015 to get started.

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