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Biomedical Waste Disposal

Biomedical Waste Management: Nationwide Disposal Services by WasteX

Saving money on biomedical waste disposal is easier with WasteX. For over 20 years, our team has helped thousands of healthcare professionals meet their biomedical disposal needs while staying in compliance with all federal and state regulations. Storing and discarding biomedical waste is an essential part of the healthcare system, so your business should always partner with a disposal team that values public health. At WasteX, our goal is to offer the highest level of service and compliance at the best price, meaning that you can invest more time and money into the patient services that matter most. Whether you are a dental office or major public hospital, it’s about time you partner with the strongest name in biomedical waste disposal services: WasteX.

What is Biomedical Waste?

All healthcare facilities use a variety of medical instruments, garments, and other materials that have come in contact with human bodily fluids. These biomedical wastes are often referred to as “regulated medical wastes” (RMW). Some examples might include: soiled bandages, used latex gloves, contaminated syringes and sharps, unused medications, or other human waste products. Because bloodborne pathogens can pose a major infectious health risk, government agencies regulate how healthcare providers should store and process this material.

Staying in compliance with federal safety regulations is about long-term risk management. As a medical office, you must invest in adequate training programs and disposal services that keep you in check with OSHA rules, EPA waste guidelines, DEA drug disposal laws, and other state health regulations. With WasteX, you are getting more than just prompt service – you’re gaining a consultative partner that can help you address modern challenges in biomedical waste management. Our team will help you stay up-to-date on changes in the industry and answer any questions you have about approved disposal techniques.

Offering Nationwide Disposal Services

Choosing the right biomedical waste program depends on several factors: total waste output, location, state laws, and practice area. For some healthcare professionals, monthly pickup services are the perfect balance of cost and frequency. For other large-scale facilities, bi-weekly or even daily services may be necessary. No matter what kind of disposal program you need, WasteX can help you choose the perfect service.

  • On-site Scheduled Pickup. Design a customized pickup schedule for your facility’s biomedical waste. Our licensed professionals will arrive directly at your business address to transport the materials to a secure processing center. You can schedule these appointments on a recurring basis or an as-needed basis. Simply call us today to set up your hassle-free waste pickup program.
  • Easy-to-Use Mailback Program. For organizations or businesses that only discard small amounts of biomedical waste, it is often more cost-effective to use our hassle-free mailback program. Our simple shipping guarantee means that you can send biomedical waste via our secure, legal mail system. Order a shipping container from WasteX, following the packaging instructions, and ship to our return address.

Because everyone should have access to state-of-the-art biomedical waste management, we proudly extend our coverage nationwide. No matter the size or location of your facility, we can help you find a waste program that minimizes risk and maximizes savings.

Who We Serve

Because we offer a variety of commercial and residential services, WasteX is the fastest growing name in biomedical waste disposal. Our thousands of clients across the country are a reflection of the healthcare industry, spanning all practice areas and sizes. Our most common clients are often hospitals, medical laboratories, retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, dental offices, veterinarians, university/school clinics, and other medical facilities. Simply contact us today to see which service is right for you.

We also offer online compliance certification for OSHA, HIPAA, and bloodborne pathogen training. In most healthcare offices, all employees need some level of certification in these areas, so we offer a low-cost, fully accredited online course to help keep you certified. Sign up today and renew your OSHA certification.

Why WasteX?

Founded as a locally owned service team in 1997, WasteX has grown into one of the strongest names in biomedical waste management. Our commitment to compliance and reliable service has made us one of the highest-rated companies in the industry. When you schedule a pickup with WasteX, you can expect prompt service from a licensed professional. Our team is your partner in biomedical waste, so we are always available to help you navigate the changing world of healthcare regulations.

Perhaps best of all, our team can help you achieve BIG SAVINGS over your current biomedical disposal service. Without hundreds of dollars in hidden fees like our competitors, WasteX can help save you up to 30% on annual waste services. Our industry-leading blend of efficient technology and handling procedures can drastically improve efficiency while still offering the same level of compliance. Last year, the average customer saved $7,550 in annual disposal services!

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