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Medical Waste Disposal

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WasteX provides local Medical Waste Disposal services in the following areas:

  • Abilene, Texas
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Plano, Texas

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WasteX provides Medical Waste Disposal services to the The Big D area and surrounding towns. Call 1-877-543-2015.

In the waste business since 1997, WasteX has an office in Dallas, Texas to meet your needs with low prices and great customer service.

WasteX takes pride in their community and donates a percentage of profits to enhance education.

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The Basics of Biomedical Waste Disposal

Not only is Dallas, Texas one of the largest cities in the United States, but it is also home to a large number of Fortune 500 companies like Southwest Airlines, Halliburton, and Texas Instruments. This city was founded in 1841 and is now a huge hub of arts and culture. The Dallas Children’s Museum, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Dallas Museum of Natural History, and the Dallas Opera are all located in the city. There are also tons of attractions like the State Fair of Texas, the Dallas Zoo, and the John F. Kennedy Memorial.

If you’re located in Dallas, Texas and a part of the healthcare industry, you may want to know how to find the best medical waste disposal company. One of the best ways to choose is by asking questions of the biomedical waste disposal services near you. Providing excellent customer service at WasteX is our number one priority.

One of the largest challenges for healthcare providers is medical waste disposal. It can get complicated when you add in the additional stressed of potential litigation, HIPAA, epidemiology, and state and local regulations. That’s why the best biomedical waste disposal companies work to consistently update their processes to make life easier on their clients.

Medical waste disposal includes biohazardous waste disposal and sharps waste disposal. It pertains to waste the includes infectious or potentially infectious material. This type of waste comes from many places including Dallas, Texas laboratories, physician’s offices, dental offices, hospitals, vet clinics, and medical research facilities. Some biomedical waste disposal deals with items that contain contaminants like blood and other contaminants.

The term medical waste covers a wide range of waste items from the healthcare industry. These include:

  • Infectious Waste – Items like tissues, swabs, lab cultures, and equipment that are infectious or may be infectious.
  • Sharps Waste Disposal – Items such as needles, lancets, razors, staples, scalpels, broken glass, ampules, and wires which can pierce your skin.
  • Pathological – Includes items like body parts, human fluids, blood, bodily fluids, and other items of the same nature.
  • Radioactive – This includes lab research liquid and radiotherapy liquid as well as glassware or other items contaminated with the liquids.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Items such as expired, unused, and contaminated drugs and vaccines.
  • Chemical – Solvents, batteries, disinfectants, and heavy metals such as mercury that comes from broken thermometers.
  • Genotoxic Waste – Highly hazardous medical waste that is teratogenic, carcinogenic, or mutagenic; may also include drugs used in cancer treatment.

About Us

In the waste business since 1997, WasteX is a locally owned and operated healthcare medical waste disposal company serving thousands of clients across the country. Our business was founded and continues to strive for greatness in customer service, responsible and sustainable disposal practices, and OSHA compliance.

As a Texas healthcare provider, you may be subject to industry-specific disposal regulations. Contact us today at 877-543-2015, to see if your Dallas office needs to follow specific rules regarding biomedical waste management.


2633 McKinney Ave Suite 130
Dallas, TX 75204

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