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Medical Waste Pickup and Disposal Services

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Medical Waste Disposal

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WasteX provides local Medical Waste Disposal services in the following areas:

  • Daytona Beach, FL
  • Edgewater, FL
  • New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • Palm Coast, FL

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1500 Beville Road Suite 606-215
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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WasteX provides Medical Waste Disposal services in Volusia County and surrounding areas! Call 1-877-543-2015 or 386-260-0823.

In the waste business since 1997, WasteX has an office in Daytona Beach, Florida to meet your needs with low prices and great customer service.

WasteX takes pride in their community and donates a percentage of profits to enhance local education.

Are you ready to partner with a Daytona Beach company? Call 1-877-543-2015 or 386-260-0823.

WasteX donates 5% of profits to local schools

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Daytona Beach Medical Waste Disposal Resource Guide

Is your healthcare facility familiar with state-specific medical waste disposal regulations? The State of Florida has disposal guidelines that are meant to safeguard both public health and patient privacy. At any point, your medical office should understand the criteria associated with these guidelines and have a partner that acts as a full-time medical waste management consultant.

With WasteX, your medical office can focus on what really matters – the wellbeing of your patients – while our team focuses on biohazard disposal. For 20 years, our team has helped thousands of healthcare practitioners develop custom disposal plans that meet their business needs. When you switch to WasteX, you can save as much as 30% on medical waste disposal, all while getting the same industry-approved service and high-quality customer care.

Call WasteX today at 1-877-543-2015 or 386-260-0823 to learn more about our biomedical disposal services. All of our pickup plans are available nationwide and you can even receive secure disposal bins or sharps disposal containers via our mailing system. Get a free online quote today.

Clinical Waste & Regulatory Compliance in Florida

Bloodborne pathogens can pose a serious health risk to the public, to your patients, and to your staff. Other healthcare waste materials pose serious environmental concerns that prompt regulatory agencies to ensure medical professionals are acting responsibly. A host of regulations from OSHA, HIPAA, DEA, and EPA require all medical offices in Daytona Beach to meet tough disposal procedures or face penalties.

WasteX helps your Daytona Beach business navigate the world of medical waste disposal, equipping your business with the tools, knowledge and services to get the job done. Our biomedical waste services include:
Biohazard Waste Pickup & Disposal: Larger clients like hospitals and outpatient care facilities can come in contact with large amounts of biomedical waste during any 30-day period. Our licensed pickup services can remove the waste on a scheduled or on-call basis and process it at one of our local disposal centers.
Disposal By-Mail Services: For small quantities of biomedical waste, you can request ready-to-mail containers from WasteX. Waste materials can be packed inside of the packages and easily shipped to one of our secure disposal locations. The ready-to-mail system is an easy way to dispose of small sharps containers and materials while staying compliant with state laws.

To keep your business ahead of the regulatory curve, WasteX offers individualized online video training for HIPAA and OSHA compliance. Because your employees must renew their certifications on an annual basis, as required by law, we offer an easy-to-use system to train all your employees – complete with personalized certifications.

Not all medical waste is created equally, nor can it be processed and stored in equal ways. Pharmaceutical wastes like unused medications must be rendered unusable while environmental contaminants must be thoroughly removed to reduce the chances of pollution. Other medical equipment like sharps and scalpels must be autoclaved and sanitized before disposal. Whatever the case, our team ensures that your medical waste is processed appropriately.

About Us

Founded in 1997, WasteX is an industry leader in customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Our team understands the importance of protecting your patients’ privacy and health – and it all starts with a comprehensive medical waste disposal system.

We proudly extend our services to all medical practitioners in the Daytona Beach area. Our biomedical disposal services are popular among dental offices, health departments, schools and universities, clinics, blood banks, assisted living centers, and medical laboratories.


1500 Beville Road Suite 606-215
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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