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Medical Waste Disposal

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WasteX provides local Medical Waste Disposal services in the following areas:

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Biohazardous Waste Disposal in Fayetteville, NC

Named for the Marquis de Lafayette, the city of Fayetteville, NC, has received the National Civic League’s All-America City Award three times over. As of 2013, the estimated population was around 210,500 people. It was first incorporated in 1783, and it still maintains its sense of history and culture to this very day as one of an elite group of cities that existed before the United States was a nation of its own.

Thousands of tourists descend on the city every year, and between locals and visitors, sometimes people need medical care. Hospitals like Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, Highsmith Rainey Specialty Hospital and the Fayetteville VA Medical Center all step up to the plate to provide first-class medical attention to those in need.

These hospitals, like any other, tend to create medical and biohazardous waste from their operations, and this waste needs to be disposed of carefully and properly to protect people and the environment. That’s why for the best biomedical disposal and sharps waste disposal in Fayetteville, NC, facilities in this region turn to the experienced expert service at WasteX.

Medical Waste Disposal in Fayetteville, NC

Medical waste disposal in Fayetteville, NC, is as much of an issue as it is anywhere else in the country. Medical, healthcare and research facilities produce a broad range of waste materials as a necessary byproduct of their operations. While we can’t stop this from happening, it is imperative that this waste disposal be handled with expert precision and knowledge.

Biological and other medical waste can include:

  • Sharps refers to any sharp objects from used surgical blades to broken scissors to old needles to broken glass. These can not only puncture, cut and injure, but can carry poisons and pathogens that can make people seriously ill.
  • Biological Waste refers to human fluids, excretions and tissue. Whether it’s saturated into bandages, gauze or rags, is soaked into ruined clothing or is any quantity of actual body tissue, this human waste needs to be properly removed so as not to put others in danger of contact.
  • Pharmaceutical Waste is chemicals or drugs, whether left over from procedures, expired medication or excess chemicals. These must be neutralized before destruction to avoid contaminating the environment or harming people through accidental exposure or abuse.
  • Medical Waste of other kinds can exist as well, from old surgical gloves to used containers to IV bags and more. All of these must be disposed of in an effective and safe manner.

Why Use WasteX?

WasteX technicians have decades of combined experience in dealing with these and other biomedical waste disposal and biohazardous waste disposal issues. We are not only fast and efficient, but we have the tools, facilities and education to help you save up to 40% or more on your costs. We can also provide outstanding training in OSHA compliance from an online portal that lets you establish the exact educational programs you need tailored to individual groups in your organization, all without interrupting important services and business.

If you’d like more information about how WasteX can help take care of your sharps waste disposal and medical waste disposal in Fayetteville, NC, we’re a phone call away. Just get in touch for more information or to get started with our services today!


3711 Ramsey St Suite 109
Fayetteville, NC 28311

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