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Medical Waste Pickup and Disposal Services

Greensboro, North Carolina

Medical Waste Disposal

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WasteX provides local Medical Waste Disposal services in the following areas:

  • Asheboro, NC
  • Burlington, NC
  • Greensboro, NC
  • Winston-Salem, NC

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2618 Battleground Ave Suite A
Greensboro, NC 27408

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WasteX provides Medical Waste Disposal services to the Greensboro area and surrounding towns. 1-877-543-2015.

In the waste business since 1997, WasteX has an office in Greensboro, North Carolina to meet your needs with low prices and great customer service.

WasteX takes pride in their community and donates a percentage of profits to enhance education.

Are you ready to partner with a Greensboro company? Call 1-877-543-2015.

WasteX donates 5% of profits to local schools

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Greensboro, North Carolina Biohazardous Waste Disposal

Greensboro, North Carolina was started as a planned community, dating back to the early 1800’s. Some of it’s notable attractions include various sports teams, outdoor recreational activities, art centers and various museums.and gardens With all of these amenities you can see why it was named the 40th most fun city in the US. Greensboro is home to over 230,000 people, and an estimated population of over 670,000, making it the third most populous city in the state. The healthcare system in Greensboro is know as Cone Health, a private, non-profit, healthcare delivery system. It includes facilities such as Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, Wesley Long Hospital, and the Women’s Hospital. With the numerous medical and dental facilities located in Greensboro, the need for professional biomedical waste disposal is in inevitable.

WasteX On-Site Waste Services

Does your healthcare facility need fast and reliable medical waste treatment? At WasteX, we offer industry-leading waste disposal that keeps you in compliance with federal and state medical regulations – all at a price that’s up to 30% lower than competitors. Dozens of clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities in the Greensboro area trust WasteX with their monthly, weekly, or otherwise custom disposal schedule. Call us today for more information about our biohazardous waste disposal services.

Your healthcare facility processes hundreds or even thousands of pounds of environmental contaminants on a monthly basis, so there are strict guidelines related to the storage and disposal of these materials. From HIPAA regulations to EPA standards, your management group has to invest in industry-supported waste services. WasteX is designed to make your job easier with on-site waste pickup for all medical products and contaminants. We offer scheduled or on-call waste pickup and provide secure, puncture-free storage containers for ready-to-dispose biomedical wastes.

Greensboro, North Carolina Biomedical Waste Services

Medical wastes can be retrieved on-site by one our medical waste technicians or they can often be shipped via mail. This means that our services are available to all residential and commercial clients in the Greensboro area through either of our great services, with no minimum waste requirements. Whether you are a large-scale hospital or rural community clinic, we offer the same great service and support.
Our commercial biohazard waste services can achieve more than $1,000 in annual savings for an Greensboro-area clinic and more than $2,000 in annual savings for an internal medicine office. Here are our services that can save you money:

  • Sharps Waste Disposalfor needles, syringes and other medical objects. We even offer storage containers after the item has been used.
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Processingfor all Rx products, because simply throwing them away could be a major liability and public health issue.
  • Return-By-Mail Disposalwith our simple shipping system. We will send you the ready-to-ship box. Simply follow the packaging instructions and return to us!

Depending on your healthcare practice area, location, size, and waste materials, your medical facility may be subject to specific medical waste disposal and sharps waste disposal regulations. Call us today for more information about specific guidelines you may need to follow.

About Us

WasteX has more than 20 years of industry experience. Founded in 1997 by experts in healthcare waste disposal services, our team has grown from a local company to a nationwide leader in biomedical waste disposal.Are you ready to partner with a Greensboro company? Give us a call at 1-877-543-2015, and develop a custom pickup schedule with WasteX today!


2618 Battleground Ave Suite A
Greensboro, NC 27408

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