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Questions to Ask When Selecting a Medical Waste Disposal Company

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San Antonio, Texas Biomedical Waste Services

One of the many details that is important to healthcare facilities in San Antonio, Texas is biohazardous waste disposal. Sometimes it can be challenging to handle all the other things important to you while also properly handling biomedical waste disposal. A simple thing you can do is to understand how to categorize your waste that is generated every day.

Solid waste does not require biomedical waste disposal. It is regular waste including things like plastic, non-confidential papers, empty IV bags, and unbroken glass items. Non-hazardous liquids are also included in this. However, items that contain patient information should be made unreadable before discarding them with regular solid waste.

Sharps waste disposal involves items that can puncture the skin such as broken glass, razor blades, glass slides, needles, and disposable sharp instruments. All sharps waste needs to be placed in sharps containers. They should be labeled with the biohazard symbol or otherwise indicate sharps waste. When it comes to chemotherapy related items, they should not be included in this with sharps waste disposal.

Biohazardous medical waste disposal is contaminated with blood, liquid, or body fluids. This can include dressing and pads, containers of blood, syringes with blood, and biohazardous bags. These items should be placed in red bags that explain they are biohazardous waste or have the biohazard symbol.

Chemotherapy waste requires medical waste disposal and includes any items used to administer or prepare chemotherapy. These items might include pads, gloves, syringes, gowns, tubing, IV bags, and chemotherapy vials. These items should be in yellow containers with a tight lid. The words chemo and chemotherapy waste should also be present.

Understanding how to classify each type of biohazardous waste disposal can be challenging. However, this should give you a better idea of what is expected. Here at WasteX, we are more than happy to provide any additional information for those who need it. Call us today at 1-877-543-2015.

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8403 HWY 151 Suite 104
San Antonio, TX 78245

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