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Medical Waste Disposal

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WasteX provides local medical waste disposal services in the following areas:

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  • Savannah, Georgia
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1511 Abercorn Street Suite 164
Savannah, Georgia 31419

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WasteX provides Medical Waste Disposal services in Chatham County and surrounding areas! Call 1-877-543-2015.

In the waste business since 1997, WasteX has an office in Savannah, Georgia to meet your needs with low prices and great customer service.

WasteX takes pride in their community and donates a percentage of profits to enhance local education.

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Savannah, Georgia Medical Waste Disposal Resource Guide

Your medical office demands the highest standard of professionalism and care when it comes to biomedical waste. WasteX Medical Waste Management is the easiest way to keep your practice in compliance with federal and Georgia state disposal regulations. With one of the fastest response times in the industry and nationally-recognized customer service, our team strives to bring Savannah clients the very best in biohazard waste services.

WasteX can save your business up to at least? 30% over competitors by using the most efficient standards from pickup to processing. Low rates and customized biomedical waste disposal solutions give your team the ability to find a long-term program that works for you. Call us today at 912-210-5884 to set up your medical waste disposal plan or get a free quote online by filling out the form on our home page.

Savannah’s #1 Medical Waste Pickup Service in Customer Satisfaction

Depending on the size and specific needs of your medical practice, you can select the disposal plan that maximizes savings and minimizes risk. These services include:
Biomedical Waste Pick-Up: For large-volume biohazard producers like hospitals, WasteX can set up scheduled or on-call pickup services. Our licensed professionals will meet directly at your Savannah location to retrieve the materials and deliver them to a processing facility.
Waste Disposal By Mail: For smaller scale healthcare offices or rural practitioners, a ready-to-mail system can also be used to process your materials. This system meets all Georgia sharps disposal regulations and our team will provide all the disposal containers and shipping boxes you need.

Meeting Biomedical Waste Regulations

WasteX Medical Waste Management covers all the bases related to types of materials that your medical office encounters. Our comprehensive approach recognizes the importance of dealing with each component differently in order to meet regulatory standards.

Biomedical waste: Bloodborne pathogens and other infectious diseases can spread via physical transmission. Used medical supplies like gauze or latex gloves are carefully disposed to keep your patients and the public safe.

Sharps Waste: Syringes, needles, and other medical devices should never be tossed in the trash. These items must be delicately handled to prevent accidental misuse and properly destroyed to minimize contamination risk.

Pharmaceutical Waste: Unneeded prescriptions or medications must be properly discarded to meet DEA standards and EPA regulations. WasteX ensures that this Rx waste is reduced to compounds that meet these regulatory standards.

Process Waste: The disposal of crude materials like mercury and amalgam is tightly regulated. Our disposal facilities ensure that these materials are removed, processed, and safely discarded after your office has thrown them away.

Compliance Training

Hiring new employees or technicians at your medical office? Make sure that your staff has the training to stay compliant with OSHA guidelines and HIPAA regulations. Our online video tools make it easy to renew certifications and understand the importance of everything from biomedical waste disposal to patient privacy.

About Us

WasteX was founded in 1997 and has proudly served nearly 5,000 medical practitioners and healthcare offices across the country. Along the way, we have helped our clients save thousands on routine medical waste management disposal services without hidden fees.

If your office is located in or around Savannah, Georgia, you automatically qualify for on-site biohazard waste retrieval. These services are popular throughout the Savannah area with nursing homes, dentists and orthodontists, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical labs, health departments, and funeral homes.


1511 Abercorn Street Suite 164
Savannah, Georgia 31419

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