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Medical Waste Pickup and Disposal Services

Tampa, Florida

Medical Waste Disposal

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WasteX provides local Medical Waste Disposal services in the following areas:

  • Brandon, FL
  • Lakeland, FL
  • Sun City Center, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Wesley Chapel, FL

5004 East Fowler Avenue Suite C- 312
Tampa, FL 33617

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WasteX provides Medical Waste Disposal in Hillsborough County and surrounding areas. Call 1-877-543-2015 or 813-444-5411.

In the waste business since 1997, WasteX has an office in Tampa, Florida to meet your needs with low prices and great customer service.

WasteX takes pride in their community and donates a percentage of profits to enhance education.

Are you ready to partner with a local Tampa company? Call 1-877-543-2015 or 813-444-5411.

WasteX donates 5% of profits to local schools

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Tampa Medical Waste Disposal

The only city in the United States that gets invaded by pirates every year (during the yearly Gasparilla festival, which also includes parades, fireworks and a street festival), Tampa is a town where people know how to have a great time. Port Tampa Bay, which averages only 12 feet deep, is the largest port in Florida, making it a major shipping center in the Southern U.S. They’ve got a long legacy of “firsts” and “mosts,” and residents are proud of their town.

When it comes to keeping both tourists and locals healthy, local hospitals and facilities like Florida General, the Memorial Hospital of Tampa and the Florida Hospital Tampa protect people from infection, injury and disease. They don’t just do this through outstanding treatment, but also through the Tampa medical waste disposal services available through WasteX.

Biohazardous Waste Disposal Solutions

Every healthcare facility, urgent care center, hospital, senior care center and walk-in clinic generates medical waste. Unlike most institutions, some of the waste generated by these facilities is potentially infected with biohazardous waste material. That means it carries the potential for bloodborne pathogens, disease or infection.

Such biomedical waste disposal must be properly handled and disposed of, to protect not only your patients but your staff and even the environment. At WasteX, we offer nearly two decades of experience as a business in medical waste management and disposal in Brandon, Florida; Sun City Center, Florida; Wesley Chapel, Florida and the entire Hillsborough County and Tampa area. Our team has certified professionals in proper medical waste disposal services.

Just a few of the disposal solutions we offer include:

  • Biomedical waste disposal: This refers to waste which is saturated with potential pathogens. It can include everything from body fluids and tissue to used gloves, wound dressings and gauze, or disposable materials that serve as waste from medical procedures.
  • Sharps waste disposal: Taking care of needles, razors, blades from surgical knives, broken glass or other sharp material that can cause punctures, cuts or other infection requires specialized knowledge and equipment.
  • Pharmaceutical waste disposal: When you have expired or excess chemical compounds or drugs, you can’t just flush them. You need to first make sure that all chemicals have specialized treatment so that the compounds are neutralized and present no danger to groundwater, the surrounding environment, people or animals who might come into contact.

Regulations for Medical Waste Disposal

Government agencies at the local, state and federal levels have strict regulations regarding medical waste disposal. In Florida, such disposal has to occur at least once per 30 days. Federal regulations specify that fines for failing to properly deal with these materials can reach up to $37,500 per day, per each infraction.
It’s vital for healthcare facilities to remain in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations, and WasteX is here to make sure that happens. If you need sharps waste disposal containers, bags or other containment devices, we’ll provide you the containers to store your biohazardous waste. We’ll train and certify you under OSHA and HIPAA to recognize biomedical waste, and we’ll arrange regular scheduled pickups to take it off your hands and safely provide sharps waste disposal and biohazardous waste disposal.
If you’d like to learn more about how we work, or would like to schedule your regular pickups, give us a call 1-877-543-2015 or 813-444-5411 today!


5004 East Fowler Avenue Suite C- 312
Tampa, FL 33617

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