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Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal Services: Nationwide Pickup and Treatment

As a medical office or healthcare provider, you need a reliable waste disposal team that can keep your facility in compliance with OSHA standards and other state regulations. WasteX offers nationwide pickup and mail-in services for medical waste disposal. Since 1997, our team of licensed waste professionals has helped thousands medical clinics, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. Request a quote online and see how our team can help save you up to 30% on medical waste disposal services.

What is Medical Waste Disposal?

All healthcare facilities discard materials and waste products that require special disposal treatment. For the safety of public health, medical waste is highly regulated by state and national health agencies, so simply throwing these materials into the trash is often illegal and punishable by fine. Any waste products like gauze or sharps that come in contact with bodily fluids are classified as “regulated medical wastes” (RMW). Some examples of medical waste might include: soiled gloves and bandages, discarded medical instruments like syringes or sharps, and unused medications. These contaminated materials must be discarded using an approved medical waste disposal process like incineration or steam sterilization.

Who Do We Serve?

At WasteX, we offer a variety of great services to keep you in compliance with medical waste disposal laws. Our ultimate goal is to help healthcare providers offer the highest quality of care at an affordable rate, and that all starts with protecting the health of your staff and patients through secure medical waste disposal. Depending on your medical office’s location, practice area, and waste volume, you can select the disposal service that works best for you.

  • Nationwide Scheduled Pickup: How often does your facility need medical waste pickup? Whether it’s every day or every month, you can schedule a custom calendar to match your disposal needs. Our waste professionals will arrive on-site to collect and transport materials to an approved disposal center. This commercial waste option is perfect for medical clinics, nursing homes, dental offices, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other healthcare providers. Get started with WasteX today to schedule your medical waste pickup program.
  • Waste Mailback Program: Do you use sharps at home? Does your business generate small volumes of medical waste? We offer an easy-to-use medical waste mailback disposal program that’s perfect for school clinics, homeowners, or rural healthcare offices. Simply contact us to receive shipping instructions and containers, follow the packaging details, and ship the contents to our return address.

WasteX proudly serves businesses and residents nationwide. Call us today to learn more about medical waste disposal and to talk with one of our licensed professionals about laws that might affect you.

Why Choose WasteX?

Trusted Results. Safe medical waste disposal is a long-term business habit that helps you maintain professional standards and minimize the risk of noncompliance. Your office should understand that medical waste disposal is an integral part of the healthcare system, so you should always partner with a team that understands the importance of this process. At WasteX, we take our job seriously, giving all our clients the same professional and prompt service.

Huge Annual Savings. Perhaps most importantly, WasteX uses the newest technology and industry practices to cut your medical waste management costs. In 2016, the average customer saved 7,550 by switching to WasteX. Though our services are only a fraction of the price of competitors, we offer the same level of OSHA compliance and sustainable medical waste practices.

Compliance Training Made Easy. At any medical office, your employees need to understand the basics of safe medical waste management. Our team offers comprehensive online training courses to keep your staff certified in bloodborne pathogen training. Sign up today and see how WasteX offers an entire suite of services to help your facility minimize risk.

Medical Waste Disposal Since 1997

WasteX was founded more than twenty years ago in Florida. Since then, our business has expanded nationwide, becoming one of the strongest names in medical waste management services. All of our team members are highly trained in medical waste disposal regulations and waste handling procedures. For more information, speak with a medical waste professional at 1-877-543-2015.

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