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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Your office should have different systems in place for disposing of different kinds of waste. Medical waste, for example, may need to be picked up at a more regular frequency than pharmaceutical waste, which requires its own containment system.

Mishandling of medical and/or pharmaceutical waste can result in very hefty fines. Not only that, it can create a dangerous environment for your employees and your own community, putting everyone at risk. If you need help creating a management plan for your specific business, WasteX can help.

WasteX will provide you service when and where you need it. Our waste receptacles are easy to maintain and emptied as frequently as you require. Use our first-in-industry online quote form to get a customized quote immediately.

“Pharmaceutical waste,” sometimes known colloquially as “Rx Waste” includes a variety of materials and medications. Both expired and unused medications, whether they have been exposed to a patient or not, also fall under the umbrella of controlled pharmaceutical waste. These materials must be specially treated to neutralize their ingredients and prevent hazardous exposure.

Pharmaceutical Waste Destruction from WasteX

At WasteX, we want to make disposing of pharmaceutical waste as easy as possible. Regulations vary from state to state so it’s important to know in what manner and how often your state requires your office to remove your disposed pharmaceuticals.

With our regular pharmaceutical waste pickup, disposing of pills, vials, and other medical waste is simple. We supply you with a simple containment system to fill and seal and you let us know how often you need pick up. Near or far, we have a team nearby who can service you when and where you need it.

Most customers use our 2.5 gallon container service for uncontrolled, non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. This container is generally priced using a flat rate up to a certain weight.

Did you know that fines can reach up over $35,000+ a day for mishandling pharmaceutical waste, per incident? In addition, excess and expired medications also pose an often unknown risk in homes and offices across the U.S. The DEA sets forth strict regulations to ensure no controlled substance ends up contaminating groundwater, and we can help you comply.

WasteX is your partner in disposing of pharmaceutical waste. We’ve got the experience you need to find out exactly which disposal rules apply to your facility and the convenient options you require to keep business running smoothly. Don’t wait; get a quote today to find out how affordable it really is to dispose of your pharmaceutical waste easily and effectively.

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